Commercial Drone Cleaning


The days of wobbly swing stages, huge cranes, and painful scaffolds are long gone. There will be no more workers in harnesses dangling off the side of a building. Wet Powerwash provides a safer alternative to cleaning your commercial or residential property exteriors with drones that are computer-controlled and equipped with unique soft-wash technology. To clean your business or residential property exteriors, we make use of customized drone technology and a groundbreaking soft-wash method. Our drone operators stay safely on the ground while going above and beyond to assure that your facility looks its best. Drones come equipped with cameras for precise operation, collision avoidance sensors, and a positioning system that can maintain its position within centimeters. You won’t have to worry about burning your grass or plants or hurting the environment during the process of improving your property. Bio-degradable, ecologically responsible cleaning solutions are used to achieve outstanding effects at Wet Powerwash

Drone Cleaning Technology

We can now clean buildings that are 2-10 stories high, along with any roof type from the ground, using Drone Cleaning Technology.
This means no ladders, quicker and more even cleans. We are proud to be the first company in Rhode Island to offer this service. Contact us today for your first Drone Cleaning. 401-495-4500


We understand that industrial sites can be hazardous, provide little access points for lifts, and can be tough to clean. By utilizing our spraying drone we are able to overcome these obstacles by providing an affordable, safer, more reliable, faster, and lower liability solution to industrial sites by ensuring your site remains operational throughout the cleaning process. We specialize in cleaning: Cryo tanks, propane tanks, natural gas tanks, cooling towers, water towers, food storage facilities, breweries, industrial warehouses, storage facilities, and various supporting structures.

Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing vs Drone Soft Washing Brochure.