Awning Cleaning

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Whether you’re shielding your customers from New England's unpredictable weather or advertising your business, your awning is an asset to your commercial property. Trust WET Powerwash Solutions to preserve the long-term quality of your property with our awning cleaning services!

How Do I Benefit From an Awning Cleaning Service?

Think about what would happen if you left a piece of clothing outside for months at a time. The fabric would get worn and faded, algae and mold would accumulate, and you’d no longer have the fresh, clean garment that you once did. The same idea applies to your awning. In order to maintain its quality, the material needs professional help. That’s where WET Powerwash Solutions can lend a professional hand.

What Does an Awning Cleaning Service Deliver?

Wet Powerwash is all about quality. That’s why you can always expect that we’re bringing the best equipment and cleaning detergents when we arrive at the job.

Our team uses soft washing to:

*We will also work with you to develop a regular cleaning plan that will ensure the long-term quality of your awning.

Better Awnings = Better Business

When you invest in your awning, you’re opening a range of possibilities that will strengthen your property. Benefits range from the practical (well-maintained material means that you don’t have to spend resources on a replacement) to the overarching (a polished property is more likely to attract customers).

Whether you rely on your awning for practical reasons or advertising – or both! –WET Powerwash Solutions is here to support your goals. Get your awning solution today!

WET Powerwash Solutions can clean your awnings and make your entryway look inviting to both returning and potential customers. Your awnings will be cleaned using a solution that will eliminate any mold or algae growth and rid the surface of other contaminants.

In addition to cleaning your awnings or canopies, your awnings should be treated every few years to help protect them from the elements and to maintain their waterproof protection. If this protectant is not applied, the UV rays cannot only break down the fabric and thread but also will allow for water to penetrate thru the canvas.

WET Powerwash Solutions offers awning cleaning and canopy cleaning to both commercial and residential customers in Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts..